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Control your returns & achieve the best customer experience

Accelerate your return logistics and manage all your returns seamlessly with simplified and customized processes done through our OTO's centralized management system to ensure an affordable process for you and a satisfying experience for your customers.

Return for less money, time, and effort


Choose the best rates for returning your shipment back. We don’t obligate you to return your shipments with a specific carrier. Choose what you want or let the system choose the best carrier based on your pre-determined budget.

Centralized return management

Manage your order’s returns quickly from your dashboard. Create your own return rules, choose to change the shipping company on the return order or choose the same company.

Send return label emails automatically

You can ask your customer service representative to confirm the return with the customer or you can send return label emails automatically for a better customer experience.

Monitor your KPIs

Gain insight into the reasons for the return and get a complete overview of your incoming and outgoing orders to understand the main causes of returns by analyzing the return KPI.

Deliver a satisfying post-shopping experience

Flexible return options

Allow customers to return single or multiple products in a single return request.

Real-time status tracking

Send your customers real-time notifications with the status of their return.

No Extra fees

Save wasted return fees for your customers and never request more fees.

Don’t take our word for it. See what our clients say.

OTO helps us easily manage all returned daily orders with any carriers because of syncing orders automatically in the store and OTO’s dashboard in the same time.


Improve your customers’ return experience, and keep them loyal forever!