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Get powerful analytics to
grow your business

Have full visibility over your shipments, carriers' performance, sales volume, and warehouse status when using OTO's dashboard. And find out which carriers meet your criteria when it comes to costs. See how quickly orders are executed by tracking order fulfillment speed.

Take better business decisions based on

accurate analytics and reports

Get an accurate carriers performance analysis

With our analytics tool, you can determine the most suitable and fastest shipping and delivery carriers for your business based on their performance, average delivery times, returns rates, and much more.

Have detailed

sales reports

Find out your sales volume and your best-selling items with geographical analysis, sales channel, and most returned items.

We have comprehensive reports for the past 30 days available to you, including information for every single order.

Export all your

needed reports

Get all your analytics with one click from OTO’s dashboard and explore a detailed analysis of all your shipping procedures to enhance your business strategy.

Have all the analysis you need about warehouse status, sales data, number of returned items, and more.

Use SLA performance


Get all the data you need to maintain the service level agreement for your team and for your carrier.

You can allow the preparation, the pickup, and the delivery process on your dashboard. You can also track and review them easily at any time.

Enhance your business strategy

Get all your needed reports from OTO’s dashboard and explore detailed analysis of all your shipping procedures.

✔️ What is the performance of your inventory management?

✔️ Determine the supply channels that accomplish more revenue for your business?

✔️ Define the best and the worst performers in your product group?

Use analytics to improve and grow your business

Increase your sales volume

Discover which product has higher demand and develop marketing plans accordingly.

Define your requirements

Use inventory status and orders’ data to determine your needs to increase or decrease warehouses and products.

Understand your customers better

Leverage analytics to understand your customers’ behaviors and learn about preferred payment methods and spending limits.

Monitor your Cash Flow

Only one click is all you need to monitor your financials and to get accurate reports about payments, funds received, etc.

Don't take our word for it. See what our customers say.

OTO’s BI & Analytics feature showed me reports that get me an accurate carriers performance to know the most and best carriers for each area based on speed and average delivery times.


Get all the insights you need to enhance your business strategy.