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Sell on Many Social Media Platforms And Ship with One All-Inclusive Dashboard

OTO is a shipping gateway that helps you as a social seller to get discounted shipping rates up to 90%, instant access to 200+ shipping company, and powerful tracking and return systems.

Trusted by 8,000+ businesses around the world

Exclusive rates

Better delivery

Instant tracking

Discounted shipping
rates up to 90%

Get up to 90% discounts from OTO’s negotiated offers with 18+ shipping companies and reduce shipping costs and increase your reach. 

No excel sheets
any more

Don’t overwhelm your schedule with manual work! Sell and ship more with less operational work from OTO’s one dashboard.

Just upload your orders, compare & choose the best shipping rates, and print shipping labels. All is done in a couple of clicks.

Better communication with your customers

Keep your customers updated with the status of their orders and provide a consistent customer experience through OTO’s mass customer notifications system (CNS) that reinforces your brand values.

Automate your

Save your time and streamline the shipping process with managing your orders from all platforms in one dashboard. 

Avoid any mistakes in the shipping process for a higher customer retention rate.

Get started in minutes

You’re just three steps away from cutting your shipping costs and managing all your social platforms in one place.

Create your account

In less than one minute, create your OTO account effortlessly with no fees required at all.

Get onboarded

Get the needed support to be able to deal with OTO’s system smoothly and professionally.

Ship your orders

Add your orders in bulk or individually, enjoy faster fulfillment, and pay for successful deliveries only.

They made the decision and we delivered the promise.

I really appreciate what OTO made with me, OTO didn’t force me to limit my shipments, and it succeeded in collecting all my shipments in one dashboard while offering shipping rates that were cheaper than other companies.


Easily ship, operate, and scale your social media business with OTO!