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Deliver a highly impactful shipping experience on all your sales channels

Sync your online & offline sales channels, automate shipping processes, manage all your orders and dispatch them in minutes with top-notch carriers. All is done through an all-inclusive dashboard.

One easy-to-use dashboard

Dedicated Account Managers



BI & analytics


Trusted by 8,000+ businesses around the world

Efficient order fulfillment

and management systems

Manage and handle orders from every channel (website, marketplace, and physical store) on the same platform. Eliminate overloading shipping operations to pick & pack more orders in less time.
Easily fulfill large order quantities by bulk printing all your shipping labels in one go.

Automate your

shipping process

Save your time and effort by automating your shipping process.

With OTO you can set up automation rules to filter shipping companies based on 40+ parameters | factors like orders capacity and delivery area coverage.

Also, you can manage full or partial returns and refund automatically.

Make decisions

based on data

Enjoy a comprehensive analytics dashboard that provides a deep dive into your performance and fulfillment rates.

Analyze the performance of shipping & delivery companies.

Analyze the performance of branches & warehouses in preparing orders.

Monitor SLA with shipping companies.

Track all COD reports from one dashboard.

Build your own APIs for unlimited automation

Create a unique and customized solution that exactly suits your logistics operations needs with OTO’s API library.

Add hassle-free global shipping options, craft an amazing checkout experience, write less code, have more options, and streamline your processes.

Improve your retention process with customer notifications

Keep your customers updated with every step of their shipments until delivered with our customer notification system that helps you send tracking emails or sms and ask for feedback.

Also, you can let your customers stay up-to-date with the return tracking messages which supports you retain customers with an easy return process.

Sync your inventory with our ERP Integrations.

ERP is the vehicle for integrating people, processes, and technologies across a smart system. So that will help you track all aspects of your logistics operations and your team KPIs together to improve your logistics.

OTO allows you to Integrate with well-known ERP Systems such as Oracle, IBM, and MS Dynamics.

Everything you need in one system

Customer Support Services

Our support team will guide you as you need it immediately just on-call.

Automate your return process

Offer customers delightful return experiences to keep them coming back by experience using feedback & return pages in Arabic & English.

Picking & Packing App

Pick and pack one or multiple orders at a time with OTO’s mobile app (OTO PACK).

For a better delivery experience, we designed

3 shipping options

Ship from Warehouse

Use our system to choose the warehouse that has a stock and manage your orders processing effortlessly.

Ship from Store

Ship from your retail store that is nearest to the customer’s location. Instead of shipping the order from a warehouse that is hundreds of miles away.

Click & Collect

Let your customers choose their delivery location and time by click & a collect experience that enables clients to collect their orders directly from the nearest store.

Sell on 15+ sales channels

Don’t get overloaded with orders on different channels. Sell on 15+ sales channels 

+15 more

Sync with 200+ carriers

Control your shipping process for all your omnichannel from one easy-to-use platform.

+190 more

Get started in minutes

You’re just three steps away from cutting your shipping costs and managing all your social platforms in one place.

Contact Sales

Call the sales team and get a demo presentation about our features and system.

Get onboarded

Get the needed support to be able to deal with OTO’s system from a to z and start shipping your orders.

Manage your logistics

Ship, manage, track, and return. Now, you have full control of your supply chain logistics.

They made the decision and we delivered the promise.

“OTO has helped us open up a new channel of delivery by having orders collected by the nearest branch, as opposed to only our warehouse facility”

Fares Hamza
E-commerce manager

Ship your offline & online orders with 200+ shipping company from one dashboard