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Deliver shipments on time with less effort and higher accuracy

Level up your shipping experience by enabling you to integrate with 200+ carriers and shipping services.

Choose the best way to ship

Your Own Rates

Integrate with 200+ shipping carriers with your own contracts and ship with your rates.

Our OTO Rates

Ship with 20+ global and local carriers with up to 90% discounted rates.


Manage your shipments using your own drivers or employees via our driver’s app.

Reduce your daily orders' shipping time

from hours to minutes

Print shipping labels
with one click

Increase efficiency and streamline shipping by speeding up the shipping labels’ creation process.

Export and generate all your needed shipping labels and print only what you choose.

Ship your orders locally
and internationally

Deliver your products with 200+ local and international shipping companies, and get a variety of methods such as

Bullet Delivery

Same Day Delivery

Standard Shipping

Heavy & Bulky Shipping

Temperature-controlled Shipping

Local & International Shipping

Automate your shipping with custom rules

Automate your orders to be picked up from the nearest warehouse and delivered by the cheapest carrier.

Set your own rules based on dozens of factors such as

Carrier's selection

Delivery type preference

Product value

Package size

Offer cash on delivery option with no worries

Offer a cash on delivery collection option.

Track all COD reports from one dashboard.

Get fast and secure transfers on a weekly basis.

Fulfill orders from the nearest store based on stock availability and customer location. OTO will assign the order to the best available bullet carrier to deliver it in less than 2 hours.

If the customer is located outside the retail network, you can direct the order to the warehouse and automatically selects the best courier to fulfill it based on the cost, coverage, and courier performance.

OTO enables the click & collect experience to your clients to collect their orders directly from your distributed stores or hubs so you offer them more convenience and more flexibility.

Integrate with 200+ shipping companies

Don't take our word for it. See what our customers say

OTO helped us reach more than one of the best local and international shipping companies, and also made it easy for us to create and print shipping bills in less than two minutes.


Ship and deliver your orders locally and internationally within a few clicks