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Scale your online store’s day-to-day shipping experience

Easily manage your online store’s daily shipping operations from preparations to dispatch with OTO’s gateway. We help you pick, pack, ship, and deliver your orders on time, in full, and at an affordable cost.

Trusted by 8,000+ businesses around the world

We partner with over 15 best–in–class
Ecommerce platforms

Integrate your online

store in minutes

It’s simple! Easily connect your store, add your orders, and create all your shipments with your own shipping rules, chosen feasibility rules, and general settings that will let you add your own branded Service Level Agreement (SLA).

Choose the best shipping options for your business

Ship for less and get up to 90% pre-negotiated discounts on shipping rates.

Also, feel free to pick your shipping preference, whether it’s your shipping partner, your drivers, or with OTO’s shipping offers of over 200+ carriers or your drivers.

Boost your eCommerce’s logistics workflow

Optimize your entire e-commerce shipping management process and handle your busy days by shipping, tracking, managing, analyzing, and returning your online orders through all your channels.

We help you offer multiple delivery options, set up your shipping rules, generate shipping labels automatically, provide shipping notifications and tracking to your customers, and much more.

Improve your customer’s post-purchase experience

With our fully covered Customer Notification System (CNS), you can go beyond your customer’s expectations.

Send branded notifications with every shipment update and get exclusive feedback on your products.

Make data-driven


Harness the power of OTO’s reports and analytics to elevate your shipping performance and grow your business.
Get full access to comprehensive reports for all your delivery processes and easily view information within our BI & analytic system.

Save time & effort with shipping automation.

Save money with discounted rates.

Decrease the time and cost of order fulfillment.

Generate & print discounted shipping labels.

Verify customers' locations to reduce returns.

Manage your returns and restock processes with ease.

Get started in minutes

You’re just three steps away from cutting your shipping costs and managing all your social platforms in one place.

Create your account

In less than one minute, create your OTO account effortlessly with no fees required at all.

Get onboarded

Get the needed support to be able to deal with OTO’s system smoothly and professionally.

Connect your store

No sophisticated settings or developers are needed to integrate your online store with OTO’s gateway.

Ship your orders

Create shipments individually or in bulk, enjoy faster fulfillment, and pay for successful deliveries only.

They made the decision and we delivered the promise.

We’re a really busy retailer, and OTO now gives our online customers a really easy way to have any item from our warehouse or shop to be delivered in under 2 hours!

Mohamed Naqib 
IT Director

​​​ Leverage the power of OTO to seamlessly manage your orders, shipments, and inventory