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Perfectly organize and manage your entire order fulfillment process

Get full control of your shipping process from scratch till the end. Leverage OTO’s AI-powered solution to integrate with carriers and 3PL, organize shipping workflow, select the right order-picking strategy, manage returns, and much more.

Transform the way you manage orders

Eliminate manual

shipping operations

Integrate your sales channels and shipping partners with OTO to sync orders automatically and process them faster, easier, and better.

With OTO’s all-in-one dashboard, you can activate any number of delivery services in seconds, manage full or partial returns, and get instant orders’ updates.

Keep fulfillment costs

in check

Having a unified interface for multi-channel orders dramatically reduces administrative and order processing time, costs, and efforts. 

Bulk actions can easily be performed in a few clicks and repetitive tasks can smartly be avoided.

Manage your inventory with unrivaled accuracy

Get complete visibility of your entirety stock. Sync your inventory and keep it always in check, reducing human errors and ensuring you are never understocked.

Gain insightful data resulting from the analysis of product suppliers, sales traffic, and product demand to identify the top valued products versus others.

Pick, pack & dispatch in a matter of click

With OTO PACK, manage your inbound inventory, bins locations, and design different picking methods to optimize your operations.

Enjoy speedy and effective picking and packing using the barcode scanner on your mobile device or barcode scanning devices to automatically scan and print AWBs & invoices with one click for more than 1,000 orders.

Improve your

team efficiency

Get a multi-user account, including a customer support user, and set different levels of access to determine which users may view and edit data.

Create a workflow that suits your team’s picking and packing preferences with the OTO dashboard to ensure offering a consistent workflow, effective team collaboration, improved fulfillment, and better results.

Innovative management systems for every stage

Order Management System

Professionally manage the whole lifecycle of your orders. The OTO system helps you consolidate all your online & offline orders in one platform and decides the best way to fulfill them.

Warehouse Management System

Whether you're a brand or 3PL, OTO helps you increase the efficiency of your warehouses, manage your putting-away activities, and optimize picking & packing to achieve higher fulfillment rates.

Last Mile Management System

Cater to ever-increasing customer expectations and fulfill orders at optimal efficiency. Keep costs under control and improve delivery scheduling, task allocation, routing, tracking, tracing, and more.

Delivery management system

One dashboard is all you need to automatically manage your own drivers and fleet, track the delivery process, check the order status in real-time, and organize routes and journey plans.

Return Management System

Make your returning process easier than buying the product in the first place. Orchestrate the returns journey and after-sales management and control all aspects of how returns are made.

Don't take our word for it. See what our customers say.

“Since using OTO our fulfillment operations became easier and faster. So the last 8 months we focused on sales without worries on operations, which resulted in an increase in our sales from 40% and would never look back”

Ahmad Azab
Marketing Manager

Divert your focus on growing your orders instead of managing them.