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OTO and Flow Progressive Logistics to Streamline Retail Logistics

OTO, the shipping gateway of the internet, is excited to announce a strategic partnership with Flow Progressive Logistics, a forward-thinking logistics solutions provider committed to transforming supply chains for retail and e-commerce businesses. This partnership was formalized during our successful participation in the Retail Leader’s Circle event.

Under this partnership, OTO’s powerful platform will be leveraged to streamline and enhance the logistics operations of Flow Progressive Logistics’ clients. Retailers adopting the OTO solution can ship, manage, track, and facilitate returns for their online orders with more than 180 regional and global shipping couriers and delivery companies, all from a single, consolidated dashboard.

This collaborative partnership is designed to address the dynamic needs of our clients, unlock their full potential, and empower them to generate greater business impact in the retail industry.

Flow Progressive Logistics provides innovative logistics solutions tailored to meet the unique challenges faced by businesses in today’s fast-paced retail and e-commerce sectors. Their solutions aim to simplify supply chain complexities, enabling businesses to focus on cultivating deeper connections with their customers and driving growth.

Looking to join OTO’s family of partners? Get in touch at [email protected] to learn more about OTO and the opportunities our partnerships can provide.