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OTO Celebrates Successful Participation in BIBAN 2023

OTO wraps up its fruitful participation in the BIBAN 2023 event, organized by Monshaat. The five-day event took place at Riyadh Front from March 9-13.

Throughout the event, OTO’s team fostered lively engagements and sparked interest among attendees at the booth. The setup inspired dynamic dialogues as clients and partners witnessed presentations, demonstrations, and various innovative opportunities to elevate their businesses and boost their customer experiences.

Adding to the richness of the event, Cofounder and CEO of OTO, Mohammad Al Razaz hosted a compelling workshop on omnichannel strategies and business growth. This interactive session provided deep insights into emerging business strategies and fostered a greater understanding of the impact of omnichannel approaches on business expansion. Moreover, Mohammad engaged in a riveting conversation with Prof. Omaimah Bamasag from TGA on enabling future logistics growth, bringing to light the significance of logistical strategies in shaping the future of business.

BIBAN 2023 offered an excellent platform for OTO to foster relationships and set the stage for potential future growth in the tech-entrepreneurship industry.

BIBAN 2023, organized by Monshaat, attracted an impressive participation from industry leaders, promising start-ups, and multinational corporations across various sectors such as fintech, e-commerce, retail, and entrepreneurship. OTO’s successful participation in BIBAN 2023 reinforces its dedication to its clients and its commitment to pushing boundaries in the tech entrepreneurship landscape.