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OTO Hosts Memorable Team Retreat in Antalya, Turkey


OTO, the shipping gateway of the internet, proudly hosted its first-ever team retreat in Antalya, Turkey, from the 24th of April to the 1st of May. As a company that operates remotely, this was a unique opportunity for our diverse team of over 80 professionals from across the region, including Saudi Arabia, Egypt, UAE, Jordan, and Turkey, to connect beyond the digital realm.

For the past three years, OTO’s dedicated team has been working remotely, uniting their efforts online to deliver exceptional services to clients. This retreat marked the first time many team members met in person, turning virtual relationships into tangible brother/sisterhood.

The week-long retreat was filled with a variety of engaging activities designed to foster a stronger sense of unity within the team. This included creative workshops, exciting hackathons, spirited competitions, and events that combined fun with team building. Each day served to reinforce the team’s shared vision and commitment to OTO’s mission.

“Our aim was not just to have fun, but to create a memorable experience that would strengthen the bonds between our team members,” said Mohammad Al Razaz, OTO’s CoFounder and CEO. “I believe that fostering a strong, connected team is the backbone of any successful organization. This retreat was a testament to that belief.”

The retreat was an overwhelming success, creating lasting memories and reinforcing the team’s collective spirit. It showcased OTO’s commitment to nurturing a positive work environment, even amidst a remote working culture.

The OTO team is more ready than ever to face future challenges and continue delivering exceptional service to clients. As we build on the momentum from the retreat, we’re excited about the future and what we can accomplish together as one unified OTO family.