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Save on Shipping, Earn Rewards with OTO's Referral Program

Introducing our exciting referral system, designed to reward our loyal users. Refer your friends to OTO and both of you will benefit from our generous referral program.

How it works?

Send Invitation

Kick off your rewarding journey by sending your referral link to your friends and telling them how cool OTO is!


They can click on the referral link then sign up with OTO, and voila! An instant 25 SAR credit is added to their account.

Earn Credit

Now comes the rewarding part! For each friend that completes 3 shipments with OTO, you earn a 75 SAR credit.

Why choose OTO?

Ship with +200 carriers

Exclusive rates

Better delivery

Instant tracking

Detailed reports

Shipping automation

Real-time notifications

Seamless returns

Trusted by 8,000+ businesses around the world

Frequently Asked Questions

OTO referral program is an initiative created to reward our loyal customers, who have completed at least 3 shipments and are willing to refer our services to their friends. The referrer gets a 75 SAR credit for each successful referral, and the referee gets 25 SAR upon sign-up.

A referral is considered successful and you can then receive the free credit of 75 SAR when the person receiving the invitation completes at least three shipments through OTO.

When you create a shipment, the deduction priority goes to the free credit first.

Yes, the 25 SAR credit you receive upon signing up can be used immediately on any shipping option.

No, you can't. The referral earnings are only available as a credit balance on your OTO account which you can freely use for various shipping options.

The use of the OTO logo for paid online or offline advertisements is strictly prohibited. Violations of this policy could result in immediate termination from the program for the violating user and the confiscation of any accrued balances.

All earned credits, whether for the referrer or the referee, are valid only for a period of 30 days from the date they are obtained.

OTO diligently reviews all referrals for any fraudulent activities. These activities may include, for example, attempts to create multiple accounts or identities and any other similar fraudulent activities. In response to any detected fraudulent activity, OTO reserves the right to implement necessary measures. This could involve removing the earned credit, suspending accounts, or taking other suitable actions as deemed necessary.

Sign up now, complete three shipments, and unlock the benefits of our referral program!