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Unifonic and OTO join forces to empower Businesses and enhance End-User Engagement

OTO and Unifonic have joined forces during Seamless KSA 2022 and signed an agreement to enable businesses to better compete in today’s increasingly e-commerce ecosystem and transform commerce, communications, and logistics. 

The companies share a vision for reimagining commerce experiences for businesses so they can offer their consumers more integrated ways to communicate, shop and faster, more efficient deliveries. 

Unifonic, a customer engagement platform that enables organizations to delight customers with remarkable omnichannel experiences, will bring together its network and communications intelligence alongside OTO’s holistic shipping management software to introduce a cross-platform service for retailers, merchants, and brands. The cross-platform approach helps brands deliver high-value experiences directly to their clients, including faster, more cost-effective delivery and convenient, frictionless returns with over 170 regional and global shipping couriers and delivery companies, and real-time communications, providing excellent 24/7 communications for millions of recipients in over 160 countries. 

This complementary partnership represents an approach to address the needs of our clients, release their full potential, and empower them to drive more business impact in the retail industry.

Founded in 2006, Unifonic streamlines conversations at every touch point throughout the customer journey by unifying communication channels, messaging apps, and chatbots. Its solutions integrate customer communication channels, including text, voice, messaging, and web, into a single platform to enable companies to create stronger customer relationships. Unifonic empowers organizations to transform customer experience while allowing them to focus on core business activities without maintaining costly communication infrastructures. 

Interested in joining OTO’s family of partners? Contact [email protected] to learn more about OTO and what it has to offer.