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The Best Marketing Ideas for Saudi National Day 2023

If you’re looking for marketing ideas for Saudi National Day, you’re not alone!

National days and special occasions are important selling points in the e-commerce market, as purchasing power increases significantly during these times. Therefore, they become golden opportunities awaited by online store owners year after year to make a strong presence and offer special promotions and discounts in a highly competitive market.

Under the slogan “We Dream and We Achieve”, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia celebrates its National Day this year, 1436 AH / 2023 AD, expressing the dreams that have become a realistic reality throughout the kingdom. To help you make the most of this eagerly anticipated occasion to promote your products in the best possible way and achieve the highest sales, here are some of the best promotional ideas for this day.

Marketing Ideas for Saudi National Day… 8 Creative Promotional Ideas

We present to you a collection of creative ideas that you can use to promote during Saudi National Day, either to attract more potential customers or to strengthen your relationship with existing customers and encourage them to engage with your brand and make more purchases on this special day.

First: Exclusive Offers and Discounts

When brainstorming marketing ideas for National Day, the first thing everyone thinks of is offering discounts on their products. You can also participate in the competition by providing discounts on all of your products or a specific category of products in your online store. For example, a 20% discount on all clothing or a 15% discount on electronics. You can also offer exclusive deals such as buy one product and get the second one as a gift, or receive a 30% discount for purchases over a certain value.

🚛 Expert Tip: Regardless of the quality or strength of the discount, effective marketing will be the primary factor in its success. Therefore, make sure to market your offers well through social media, email campaigns, WhatsApp messages, and other preferred channels of your target audience.

Second: Patriotic Bundle Deals

Put together a set of products in a bundled package, for example, in white and green colors, symbolizing the flag of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, or utilize the visual identity colors of the Saudi National Day ’93. Display a group of products in the same colors and present them together with a specific discount. In this case, you will fulfill multiple needs for the customer: the feeling of getting a good deal at a discounted price for multiple items and, at the same time, participating in the National Day celebrations.

Thirdly: Coupons and Discount Codes

Use a custom coupon code like ‘KSA23’ to offer exclusive discounts. Make them valid for the week leading up to the National Day. Additionally, you can offer ‘Early Bird Discounts’ to encourage early shopping by providing a special discount code for those who shop, for example, a week before the National Day.

Fourthly: Shipping Offers

In all occasions and promotions, you can always take advantage of free shipping offers, as they are favored by all consumers. Statistics show that nearly 90% of consumers make purchasing decisions and take specific steps to obtain free shipping. You can also offer promotions to attract more potential customers on the National Day, such as a 50% discount on shipping costs for the first purchase from your store throughout the month or in the week leading up to the National Day. Alternatively, offer free shipping above a certain threshold, for example, free shipping on orders of 100 SAR or more on the National Day.

💡 And don’t forget that shipping through OTO’s portal will greatly assist you in providing this offer. OTO provides you with the ability to ship with a range of major local and international shipping and delivery companies at competitive discounted rates, without the need for any prior contracts. This allows you to reduce shipping costs and, therefore, the ability to offer free shipping and add the remaining small price difference to the full price of the product without affecting your sales and profits.

Fifthly: Customer Loyalty Programs

If you have a customer loyalty program, you can offer an idea like ‘Double Points Day’ and provide double loyalty points for every purchase made on the Saudi National Day. This will incentivize existing customers to shop more while encouraging new customers to join your loyalty program.

Sixth: Create custom products for the National Day

Some stores design custom products that reflect the spirit of the National Day, such as clothing, sweets, gifts, and other products that receive high interest and sales from the Saudi audience on this occasion. You can offer similar ideas according to your store’s specialty.

Seventh: Flash Sales

The fear of missing out, or FOMO, is a powerful strategy in marketing. Flash sales, such as offering specific deals and promotions every hour, can be a great way to create a sense of urgency. Create a series of offers on certain products or sections with a “limited price, limited quantity, and limited time” and feature each offer for only one hour. This will prompt customers to make purchasing decisions quickly for fear of missing out on the offer.

Eighth: Cash Back Offers

The idea behind cash-back offers is to give customers a percentage of their purchases back to their account in your store, which they can use to buy other products. You can offer cash back on all your products or a specific category. For example, you can offer a 10% discount on all products in your online store, plus 5% cash back. Alternatively, you can offer a 20% discount on certain products based on your store’s specialty, along with 10% cash back, and so on.

Key Tips for E-commerce Store Owners to Achieve Higher Sales on Saudi National Day

After learning about the best marketing ideas for Saudi National Day and how to make the most of this important occasion for your online store to increase sales and maximize benefits, here are some important tips:

  • Paid Advertising: Launch a series of paid advertising campaigns. A focused digital advertising campaign targeting your local audience can significantly expand your reach. Design your ads to reflect the prevailing national spirit on that day.
  • Social Media Campaigns: Create campaigns that blend promotion of your products with the spirit of the National Day using specific hashtags like #KSA23Deals. Highlight flash sales, hourly deals, and other offer and discount ideas mentioned in the article.
  • Focus on Product Quality and Logistics Services: Even if you offer special promotions and discounts, it’s important to ensure that your products are of high quality, along with providing exceptional logistics services to ensure timely delivery and the best quality.
  • Make Data-Driven Decisions: Use various analytics tools to track the behavior of your target and existing customers, sales patterns, inventory levels, and more. This information is invaluable for creating customized promotional offers and understanding your audience well.
  • Offer Special Contests: Organize contests to win gifts and discounts or encourage customers to leave positive comments and reviews to incentivize them to make purchases and take advantage of the offered deals. This can generate a positive impact and significant engagement from customers on this day.



Saudi National Day is not only a time for national celebration but also a golden opportunity for merchants to connect with their customers in a meaningful way. With careful planning and strategic execution, you can ensure that your store becomes a favorite destination for shoppers during this unforgettable occasion.

So, get ready and seize this opportunity to shine on Saudi National Day!