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Notable Success in the Saudi Coffee Market Within a Year of Launch | Otchly

Otchly Success Story with OTO

Since its launch in 2022, the Otchly online store has been confidently making its mark in the Saudi market. The store has successfully established a strong and distinctive presence in the world of coffee beans and their accessories.

But how did the store achieve this position in such a short period? What role did Otchly play in this success? And what are Otchly’s expansion plans for the future?

That’s what we’re excited to delve into. So, let’s uncover a new story from the success stories of Otchly’s customers…

Product Quality Is the Secret to Otchly’s Success

Despite being a newly established brand, Otchly has managed to expand and flourish significantly. This is attributed to a crucial factor 👉 their dedication to delivering high-quality products.

In fact, product quality is the secret to the success of any brand, regardless of its size. Quality acts as a magnet for customer trust and loyalty towards the brand.

That’s why Otchly offers the highest quality coffee beans from the best crops in the kingdom, along with a diverse range of coffee essentials like cups, manual grinders, and brewing pitchers.

From the variety of coffee beans to the specialized coffee cups, all these products stand out with exceptional quality, making Otchly one of the top coffee and accessories stores in the kingdom today.

What Marketing Tools Have Otchly Employed?

  • Otchly has implemented effective marketing strategies to promote its coffee beans and accessories, including:
  • Creating short promotional videos on social media platforms.
  • Launching numerous offers and discounts to attract customers.
  • Organizing diverse and engaging contests on social media to enhance customer engagement.

Example of using contests

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All these marketing strategies, and more, have been employed by Otchly to build a strong relationship with its customers, ensuring their satisfaction and loyalty.

Main Challenges Faced by Otchly and How They Overcame Them?

Success stories are rarely without challenges and hurdles. One of the main challenges faced by Otchly included building an e-commerce platform that initially lacked various solutions and services, causing issues during the early stages of the online store’s launch.

However, Otchly managed to overcome this challenge by switching to another platform that offered more solutions and professionalism, ultimately enhancing the shopping experience for their customers.

Another challenge they encountered was the difficulty in contracting with a large number of shipping companies simultaneously, especially due to rising prices.

Yet, with the help of OTO, Otchly found a solution, as OTO provided them with diverse shipping options that met their customers’ expectations in terms of speed, quality, and efficiency.

The Beginning of Otchly’s Journey With OTO

Otchly started using OTO right from the beginning of the store’s launch in July 2022. This strategic move supported the store’s early journey and saved them a lot of costs. OTO successfully offered a wide range of shipping options at competitive prices, precisely what Otchly was looking for in its initial stages.

Apart from that, Otchly benefits from several features provided by OTO, such as managing orders from a single dashboard, and access to numerous fast delivery companies.

Additionally, the quick and responsive support from OTO’s customer service team was highly appreciated. According to Ammar Al-Fadli, the owner of Otchly, “OTO supported us by simplifying shipping and delivery to all regions at excellent prices, along with fast technical support and customer service that resolves issues on the same day. They also provided a wide range of shipping companies, giving us convenient and easy shipping options.”

Future Plans for Otchly With OTO

Otchly aims to establish its first physical store and aspires to have multiple branches throughout the kingdom in the future.

Ammar Al-Fadli, the owner of Otchly, emphasized that using OTO strongly supports their expansion decisions. He trusts OTO’s ability to accommodate their logistical needs effectively, no matter how much the brand grows and order volumes increase. He ensures that having multiple shipping options at the best prices will serve Otchly’s future branches, guaranteeing prompt product delivery to their customers.

In conclusion, it’s important to highlight that continuity is the key to any business’s success. Otchly’s persistence through challenges has been instrumental in reaching its current position and achieving success in the Saudi market.

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