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OTO and CEQUENS partner to enhance Customer Engagement

OTO and CEQUENS, a multi-channel communication solutions provider on a mission to simplify customer engagement through innovation-focused solutions engineered for customer-first organizations, have partnered to enhance the customer experience of businesses related to retail and e-commerce.

As MENA’s leading shipping gateway, OTO has built a solution enabling CEQUENS’ clients to reshape and improve their delivery operations. By signing up with OTO, retailers can ship, manage, track, and return their online orders with over 170 regional and global shipping couriers and delivery companies via one consolidated dashboard.    

This complementary partnership represents an approach to address the needs of our clients, release their full potential, and empower them to drive more business impact in the retail industry.

CEQUENS supports businesses with multichannel communication solutions and reliable business APIs such as SMS, WhatsApp for business, voice, and verification. Their product suite aims to solve their customers’ unique problems and cultivate deeper human connections between businesses and individuals in every market they play.

Interested in joining OTO’s family of partners? Contact [email protected] to learn more about OTO and what it has to offer.