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OTO and Channels by STC form a Long-Term Strategic Partnership



OTO has signed to form a long-term strategic partnership with Channels by STC, the sales and distribution arm of STC group and one of the leading companies in the field of sales and distribution of the telecommunications sector in the Middle East, to jointly explore growth opportunities for new and existing clients based on their strategic partnership and business collaboration and expand revenues for both the companies.

The strategic partnership between OTO and Channels will enable both companies to utilize their resources and networks to create a comprehensive range of end-to-end regional and global shipping and delivery services. 

This complementary partnership represents an approach to address the needs of our clients, release their full potential, and empower them to drive more business impact in the retail industry.

Channels by STC is STC group’s sales and distribution arm and one of the leading telecom distribution companies in the Middle East, with operations in Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, and Oman. Established as a partner of choice for Telecom companies, Channels enables connectivity with customers and reaches out to markets with a dynamic range of services and products. Channels is currently the fastest-growing telecommunication network in the Middle East, having surpassed over 25,000 Points of Sale regionally, Electronic Voucher Terminal Points, 4,000 Check Out Counters, 25 Distribution branches, and more. 

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