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OTO and Monsha’at launch Joint Program on Tomoh Platform



OTO and Monsha’at launched a program on the Tomoh platform on 23 October 2022 as part of a coordinated approach to transition 100 brick-and-mortar retailers to e-commerce and transform their physical shops into online businesses in an achievable, efficient, and strategic manner. 

OTO will dedicate the time to consult and advise the applicants and provide them with an easy-to-execute action plan that includes a list of recommended partners to assist and support their transition.

This complementary partnership represents an approach to address clients’ needs, release their full potential, and empower them to drive more business impact in the retail industry.

The Small and Medium Enterprises General Authority (Monsha’at) was established in 2016 to regulate, support, develop, and sponsor the SME sector in the Kingdom following global best practices. Monsha’at is mandated with developing, implementing, and supporting programs and projects that foster a culture of self-employment, entrepreneurship, and innovation. It strives to diversify the funding sources provided to enterprises, support the initiatives within the venture capital sector, and develop policies and standards for funding small and medium projects. Such measures will uncover endless possibilities for SMEs to unlock their full potential as they grow their administrative, technical, financial, marketing, and human resources capabilities.

Interested in joining OTO’s family of partners? Contact [email protected] to learn more about OTO and what it has to offer.