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OTO announces Strategic Partnership with trustangle as its Logis-tech Solution

Focusing on delivering solutions to enhance the shipping operations and customer experience of retailers and e-commerce brands, OTO has partnered with trustangle, a Saudi company that provides various industries with the latest IT solutions and the most extensive services, to streamline the logistics operations of its clients.

With innovative functionality for shipping, managing, tracking, and returning online orders, trustangle’s clients will benefit from the seamless omnichannel environment that we have created over our consolidated dashboard.

We have provided the means to increase their operational productivity by integrating with over 170 reliable regional and international delivery companies offering multiple shipping options aiming to ensure convenience and quick delivery with every click. 

This complementary partnership represents an approach to address the needs of our clients, release their full potential, and empower them to drive more business impact in the retail industry.

trustangle supports businesses by spreading its knowledge to help all entrepreneurs and companies run their businesses smoothly and improve their performance through significant operational, strategic, and financial developments. trustangle offers comprehensive technology services, software, and a full suite of industry-smart offerings by providing cross-industry expertise in talent services, and digital and technology consulting.

Interested in joining OTO’s family of partners? Contact [email protected] to learn more about OTO and what it has to offer.