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OTO concluded a successful participation in Seamless Saudi Arabia 2022

OTO concluded its participation as silver sponsors in Seamless Saudi Arabia 2022, held in Riyadh International Convention and Exhibition Center on November 2. 

Over two eventful days led by OTO’s co-founders and CEO; Mohammad Al Razaz and CTO; Furkan Uzar, OTO’s booth sparked interest among visitors with its intuitive and engaging setup, encouraging vibrant conversations as clients and partners were treated to demonstrations, presentations, and a wealth of innovative opportunities to enrich their businesses and enhance their customer experience. 

Mohammad Al Razaz addressed the transformation of the industry, offering insights into the optimization of omnichannel retailing during a panel under the title, “The modern shopper: elevating your omnichannel experience with a technology-first mindset”.

The event offered a platform for OTO to engage and build relationships for future market growth in the industry, leading to sign several important agreements with Unifonic, Channels by STC, Foodics, Maqsam, trustangle and Cequens which will further strengthen its abilities to better meet customers’ needs. 

OTO also celebrated its 3-year anniversary around clients and partners as a testament to its exceptional employees and the great relationships that have been developed, which has sustained and fueled growth during this period of time.

Seamless Saudi Arabia witnessed overwhelming participation from industry players, start-ups, and multi-national corporations in the sectors of payment, fintech, retail, and e-commerce.