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OTO Debuts Enhanced Dashboard


Today, OTO, the shipping gateway of the internet, has proudly announced the release of its upgraded dashboard. The new features, unveiled by OTO’s Co-founder and CEO Mohammad Al Razaz in a free webinar, are designed to empower retailers and omnichannel brands to control their shipping operations in a more efficient, streamlined manner.

The upgraded dashboard introduces a price calculator for shipments, ensuring complete transparency in shipping expenses. A map interface has been implemented to facilitate real-time tracking and monitoring of shipments and packages, enhancing visibility and control for the users.

The new version brings with it an improved analytical reporting tools that promises comprehensive insights into shipping operations, thereby enabling effective and strategic decision-making. Simplifying the workflow, OTO has now merged the Orders page and Shipments page. Manual orders and shipments can now be created seamlessly on the same page, saving time and resources.

Cash-on-Delivery (COD) transfers have been made even more efficient, with options for transfers to occur up to twice a week. Tailored subscription plans have also been introduced, designed to cater to the diverse needs of retailers of all sizes.

The platform now enables direct SMS and email sending from OTO, amplifying communication capabilities. To add a touch of personalization, a range of new templates for printed materials, emails, and SMS has been included. Lastly, a customer service dashboard has been integrated to assist customers in effortlessly tracking their orders.

During the webinar, Mohammad Al Razaz noted, “This upgrade is our next leap in innovation to empower our clients. We have listened to their needs and have incorporated features that will allow them to ship faster, easier, smarter, and better. We are excited to see how these changes positively affect their operations and growth.”

The platform’s upgrade restates OTO’s commitment to continuously innovate and provide solutions that make a difference in the retail and e-commerce industry. With the new dashboard, OTO further cements its position as the go-to platform for shipping solutions.

To explore these new features, please visit contact the support team at [email protected].