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OTO Participates in Ecom Leaders Club

OTO, the shipping gateway of the internet, is pleased to announce its successful participation in the first physical event of 2023 by WorldEF, Ecom Leaders Club, held on January 29th in the prestigious Çırağan Palace, Istanbul.

The event brought together top executives of the Turkish e-commerce sector and offered a platform for insightful dialogue and potential collaboration. Representing OTO at the event was Ugur Eroglu, OTO’s Regional Director of Turkey, who participated in meaningful discussions centered on operations, cargo, and storage processes from Turkey to the MENA region.

“Our engagement at the WorldEF event was extremely fruitful,” said Ugur Eroglu. “These meetings have paved the way for us to enhance the e-export potential between Turkey and the MENA region, and we are keen to continue this productive momentum.”

The WorldEF event provided OTO an opportunity to share insights, exchange ideas, and understand the intricate dynamics of the Turkish e-commerce sector. The discussions held during the event will guide OTO’s strategic efforts to facilitate the seamless flow of e-commerce between Turkey and the MENA region.

OTO’s participation underscores its commitment to forging strong connections within the e-commerce landscape and working collaboratively to foster growth and innovation. The event also served to reinforce OTO’s position as a key player in the logistics and shipping gateway landscape, both regionally and globally.

As we reflect on the productive interactions at the WorldEF event, OTO is more motivated than ever to continue its work in strengthening the e-export ties between Turkey and the MENA region.